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Thanks for visiting our website, FM WhatsApp. On this website, I hope you will enjoy all the features of FM WhatsApp and its new features. You will enjoy the updated version of it. Millions of people worldwide download this website, but if you are not worried about your privacy, you can visit our website privacy policy. If you agree to About Us, you can download it easily. Truth the entire site here: https://fmwts.com/.

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Some restrictions are that we are not responsible for any loss of you if you face it with the connection of the others. Our responsibility is to provide an updated version of the FM WhatsApp. We also have an old version of FM WhatsApp; you can download it and read its privacy policy. 

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Our mission is evident: we shall keep you informed of the new features of FM WhatsApp. We shall enhance our users’ experience with all features of the FM WhatsApp that are not on the Official website. I shall provide these free of cost.