Privacy policy of FM WhatsApp-2024

The privacy policy of the FM WhatsApp is designed so that we can collect, use, and save your information when you are online. When you are online, we collect your device information, such as IP address, device name, etc. If you chat with us, we will reach out to your phone number, its owner, and location. We have information only for those users whose account is linked to our website. We have no information about who is offline and who registers their devices on other websites. Our privacy policies are outlined here. Truth the entire site here:

Privacy Policy of FM WhatsApp

Cookies about Privacy Policy

Like any other website, FM WhatsApp uses cookies on its website pages. It is used to enhance their experience on the website. You can turn off cookies by clicking the Chrome settings. Your website works without the cookies, but some fractures do not work correctly, and you can face difficulty using them. No personal data is involved in the cookies. Some cookies expired after one day.

Ads of Google

When our website is open, you see many ads. These ads depend upon your behaviour when you visit Google and Chrome and search many things, representing your search behaviour. We can not control it. You can see Google’s privacy policy to learn about the ads.

The Policy of Sharing Information

When you use our website, you receive information about yourself. We do not share this private information; your information does not leak from us. But our website is linked to third-party links. The information may be revealed from it because they are not trusted sites. We always said our users did not share any information on these sites.

Changing in policy

We can change our privacy policy at any time without notice. It is important to you that you link with us and visit the policy page periodically.

What right do you have?

When you share the data, if it includes personal data such as a confidential file or any other documents, you can contact us to delete such a file and documents. It can be possible in such a way that if it does not include the data about administration. 

How long do we keep your information?

We kept the information you sent with us for a time when he obtained the goal for which it was sent. After achieving the goal, we deleted all the information you sent us.