Old Versions of FM WhatsApp Download v8.35

The new version is updated after one year. There are many versions found in the FM WhatsApp market. Some people prefer the old version, and others like the new version of FM WhatsApp. People get some extra features compared with the latest version and old version. Compared to standard features, people get some extra features. 

FM WhatsApp Download features include modified features like anti-delete messages, ghost mode, enhanced privacy, hiding online status, and many others. Some people use old versions because they use old mobile that do not assist the updated version of FM WhatsApp. Moreover, some people need to learn how to update the new version of FM WhatsApp. This article will discuss all old versions of FM WhatsApp APK.

Information about old versions of FM WhatsApp

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Features of the Old Version

Direct Status saver

In version 8.51 of FM WhatsApp, you can directly save the status of your contact members on your mobile phone without using other status-saving Apps. When you see someone’s status, you will see an arrow at the bottom of the screen. When you simply click on the arrow, you will download the status directly to your device gallery.


FM WhatsApp v8.35 contains privacy and security features. One feature allows users to create a secret persona. Another allows users to use a password or other privacy option for all chats. Some people want to secure a full app, but there are different techniques to ensure the full app, such as fingerprinting, patterning, and others.

Enable Always online

If you want to see always online to your friends, you enable the “always online option” on your WhatsApp. The condition is that you will not close the FM WhatsApp v7.60. Know you can generate the big difference between FM WhatsApp and standard WhatsApp.

App Language Customization

In FM WhatsApp many v7.60, language options are found, and you select your favorite language that you understand well. This language option is also found in FM WhatsApp v8.65. The following languages are found: default, English, Spanish, Arabic, Espanol, Italian, Turkish, Hindi, German, Russian, and many more.

Nonstop Themes and Fonts

Using v8.65 of FM WhatsApp, you can use ultimate themes and font styles on WhatsApp. You give your WhatsApp a unique and different look through these themes and font styles. Many themes and fonts of text give your WhatsApp an amazing look. Often, it is eye-attracting and beautiful for the users.

Increased forward limits

You can send up to 50 chats in the standard  WhatsApp, but you can send more than 260 chats at a time in the latest version of FM WhatsApp. Through this FM WhatsApp download feature, you can see a huge difference between FM and standard WhatsApp. 


FM WhatsApp has enhanced features and gives you the elasticity to choose over 4000+ themes, customize connections, and use the emoji packs with the option to change the message icons.  There are many importance to use the FM WhatsApp.

No, it is not banned in 2024. You can install the latest version of FM WhatsApp from this website: https://fmwts.com/.  You need just click on this link, then you can easily download the FM WhatsApp APK.

The owner of FM WhatsApp is Foud Mod, similar to Gold WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, OG WhatsApp, etc. The version of FM WhatsApp is updated every year.



All the old version gives you one of the best features and enhances your privacy experience. In this content, you read all the old versions of FM WhatsApp and its benefits. You can easily download your favorite old version, which you feel comfortable using FM WhatsApp