Create Custom Stickers For FM WhatsApp- Simple Methods

 WhatsApp plays an important role in communication with people. In the world, most people prefer WhatsApp for communication with lovers. With time, its importance is increasing along with the progress of technology. Custom stickers are one of the existing features of FM WhatsApp.

Custom stickers of FM WhatsApp

How to Create Custom Stickers?

  • First, I installed the FM WhatsApp from an easy source like Google. You need to install the modified version of FM WhatsApp.
  • I installed the sticker maker app from the Google Play Store source; many apps are available. You installed what you feel better. 
  • Then, you collect the image you want to change into the stickers.
  •  You may use your pics and write the different words on them. You can also change these stickers into a small-time video. 
  • You can give the name of your customized stickers because it can help you find them later. 
  • You can add multiple stickers and write slagging on the same and different photos.  
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Create Custom Stickers

Popularity of Custom stickers

Before discussing how to create stickers, we discussed the huge importance of the stickers. Stickers provide a fun way to express the emotions and reactions of how to have a conversation. People enjoy seeing this new style of conversation. This conversation contains customized image cartoons and other funny emojis. 

Collection of the Stickers

Many Stickers can also be saved in your FM WhatsApp. You can save it from your preferred name, and it can help you find it later when you need it. You can also save the stickers that your friends sent you, and you can also change them according to your slagging. The key is to choose stickers that reflect your style and personality. All stickers you saved will be available in your stickers WhatsApp library. You don’t have always to use slang, and you can use different words.  

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Can I create custom stickers for the original WhatsApp app?

No, we can not create custom stickers for the official WhatsApp.

How can I delete and edit the custom stickers app?

First, you shall visit the custom stickers maker app, and you can edit and delete these stickers on the app as you prefer. These options are present on most apps.

How many images are required to create one sticker?

At least three images are required to create the custom sticker. 

How can I update the sticker maker app?

You can update by the monthly visit to the app. You can download the latest version of the app.


A custom sticker is a perfect way to represent your chat uniquely. This website presents the entire process of creating custom stickers with an explanation. The key to potentially outranking other websites on this topic is to create stickers that are uniquely engaging to your target audience. If you have any more questions and need guidance, do not hesitate to explore the resources or engage with the vibrant FM WhatsApp community.   

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