Difference between FM WhatsApp Download(v10.03)and Official WhatsApp

The first important thing is why we compare FM WhatsApp Download and the official WhatsApp to know which is better. To know which WhatsApp offers more unique features, Similar features are present in both apps, like the fingerprint lock and some emojis, language types, etc. Some additional features are present in FM WhatsApp. They are discussed below so we can differentiate between official and FM WhatsApp. 

Difference between FM WhatsApp Download and Official WhatsApp Download

FM WhatsApp Download VS Official WhatsApp Download

Many unique features include hiding online status, extending the status sharing quality, downloading other people’s status, hiding blue ticks, customization settings, changing the background themes, etc. If you add other unique features, you should visit the other apps, and you can add themes from other apps.   FM WhatsApp offers ghost and airplane modes, which the official app does not give. So you can differentiate both apps from the above features. Visit the FM WhatsApp APK site: https://fmwts.com/.

Extend Media Sharing Options

FM WhatsApp Download

  • You can send a video up to the 1 GB file. 
  • You can also send more than one hundred images when you send only one message. 
  • You can set your status up to seven minutes.
  • High-quality resolution images will be sent.

Official WhatsApp Download

  •  You can send the 100 MB size of the images.
  • You can send 30 images at once a time.
  • Your status will be uploaded in up to 30 minutes.
  • When you send a huge amount of data, then it will be sent if you compress it. 


In FM WhatsApp, there are more advanced features. Many themes will be added from other apps. You can also download it from other sources which you like. In this, there are more types of blue ticks present. If you want your WhatsApp data, like videos and images, not saved in the gallery, you can visit the FM WhatsApp setting. 

Enhanced Privacy setting

You can enhance your privacy settings as you prefer. These settings are not present in the official WhatsApp. You can use the chat lock option. Disable forward messaging will be used in it. Hide blue ticks will be used when you see others’ messages. The ticks will not show their colour. You can also use the hide status view.  


These are the main features so you can differentiate both apps. There are some security questions arising about both apps. The official WhatsApp is related to the meta-network, and FM WhatsApp is not related to the meta-network. The choice of the FM WhatsApp and official WhatsApp is your preference. Some people choose FM Whatsapp because of its extra and advanced features. Some people choose official WhatsApp on behalf of safe security.

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