Record WhatsApp Calls- 3-Simple Techniques

WhatsApp has become an essential source of communication with people. Moreover, people often use WhatsApp to communicate instead of making phone calls. Recording calls on WhatsApp is a crucial feature because it protects you from different threats. There are various ways to record calls, such as using other devices or third-party apps.

Record WhatsApp Calls

Why is it essential to record WhatsApp Calls?

People prefer FM WhatsApp calls for different reasons. It’s because of full-cycle scrambling and other security factors. Reasons for recording calls on WhatsApp depend on the situation. But the potential reason for recording calls is listed here:

  • For Keeping records for Legal objectives.
  • To keep records and share information with others.
  • Learning from the previous discussion.
  • Use for future
  • For fixing conflicts.
  • For preserving debate for later.

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Methods to Record Calls on WhatsApp

Different methods are found to record calls on WhatsApp. However, I will discuss some simple techniques for recording calls easily through WhatsApp.

Using another device.

Using another device is the classic method of recording calls on WhatsApp. When calls start, you can use another device to record them. This method requires just another device. It is discreetly safe and preserves the technique from all other methods. For audio or video recording, use upgrade devices.

Use an Internal call recorder.

Use an internal call recorder option to record WhatsApp calls easily. If your device has multiplayer call recording options, you do not need other Apps to record WhatsApp calls.

  • Click on the settings option and search for the call recording option on your device. 
  • Now, enable the call recording option.
  • Then, please search for the multiplayer call recording, and it will allow it.

After that, you can easily record the WhatsApp call and enjoy it. If your device does not support the internal call recording option, you can use the External Call recording option.

Use an External call recorder.

An external call recorder is a worldwide method because anyone can use it on his device. These apps record WhatsApp, Facebook, and even internal calls. When the call starts, you click on the call recording option, and then the call recording will start. All these methods of recording calls are simple and easy. There are the following steps to record the WhatsApp calls on an External call recorder method:

  • First, download the third-party call recording app from the Play Store of your own choice.
  • After downloading, set the necessary permissions.
  • Open the WhatsApp on your device and make a call.
  • After that, a third-party call recorder app records your WhatsApp call.
  • App to App refers to the quality of the record call.


Yes, FM WhatsApp keeps a record of calls. Your call logs could be safe on the chat database file.

While Official WhatsApp does not provide a feature to record WhatsApp calls, Third-party Apps are found to record WhatsApp calls. Through these apps, you can record video calls with audio.

No, WhatsApp calls cannot be tracked because WhatsApp users the internet to send and receive messages and calls. This is a privacy feature for FM WhatsApp users.


I hope you will be able to record WhatsApp calls on your device after reading this article. I provide easy steps for recording audio and video calls on FM WhatsApp. But remember, recording WhatsApp calls may be banned in some areas, so don’t worry about it.

We have shared external and internal call recorder methods. Both are useful and helpful methods. It would be best to record WhatsApp calls after following the procedures above the content.

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