FM WhatsApp VS Gold WhatsApp(2024)- The Ultimate Comparison

In the beginning, WhatsApp started as a substitute for SMS. Now, it become a communication system at the border level worldwide. WhatsApp now uploads sending and sharing media files like text, images, videos, documents, voice calls, and other large files. There are many modified versions found of WhatsApp in the market. It’s your own choice which modified version of WhatsApp you use. 

Both are the modified version of simple WhatsApp. FM WhatsApp and Gold WhatsApp, are both outstanding in their cycle and give different and amazing features to the users. I have reviewed both FM WhatsApp Vs Gold WhatsApp,  there are some similarities and some differences between both applications. I will discuss the difference between both applications in this article.

FM WhatsApp Vs Gold WhatsApp


In programming, “A person who develops the software or application is a Developer”. The developer of FM WhatsApp is “Fouad Mokdad” and the developer of Gold WhatsApp is an Unknown person. No one knows about the developer of Gold WhatsApp. It was also developed by a self-sufficient third-party Arab developer Abu Arab.


FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp

An app logo or an application icon is a unique image used to represent an App on a user’s device. It is also used for the identification of an App. Most people rapidly identify the app from its icon. The icon of FM WhatsApp is shaded dark green, in which the phone color is white and slightly different from the official WhatsApp.

Gold WhatsApp

Gold WhatsApp

The Icon Gold WhatsApp looks like a white telephone handset with a gold background. It appears like FM WhatsApp, though the icon background color is different. The gold color of the icon makes it more attractive to the users.

Main Screen user interface

The user interface contains all the user elements of the hears, sees, and connects, including icons, buttons, typography, screen animations, and more. Barely any difference in the user interface of the home screen of FM WhatsApp Vs Gold WhatsApp. In the header section of the home screen of Gold WhatsApp, You can add multiple account options. But, this option in the header section of the home screen interface needs to be included. The functionality of the options are same in both apps but the visual figures are the same. Gharfical illustrations of different options on the main screen are different in both FM WhatsApp and Gold WhatsApp.

FM mods Vs Gold mods

Every mod of WhatsApp contains a different setting section named mods. FM WhatsApp contains enhanced and customization features that are named FMmods. In Gold WhatsApp, many settings are found due to this named Goldmods. But, both apps are used for the same category like communication with people.

Ghost Mode setup

When you enable the ghost mode option, you show yourself offline to your contacts without being offline. This feature is found in both FM WhatsApp and Gold WhatsApp. FM WhatsApp shows this option at the top of the main screen while Gold WhatsApp shows in the setting option.

Similarities between FM WhatsApp Vs GOld WhatsApp

  • Advance Messaging Options
  • Regular Updates
  • Status Downloading
  • Improved Emoji and sticker Packs
  • Security Enhancements
  • Interface Tweaks
  • Extends Media Sharing Limits
  • Multiple Accounts
  • Anti-Ban Features
  • Enhance Privacy Features


FM WhatsApp and WhatsApp Gold have a small difference in some features. You easily clear which WhatsApp is better for me. Both FM WhatsApp and WhatsApp Gold have extra features and offer beyond functionalities. Both are third-party apps and are different from the simple WhatsApp. After reading the difference between FM WhatsApp and Gold WhatsApp you will easily select which one is better for you. Remember both are third-party Apps and modified forms of simple WhatsApp.

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