Migrate from Offical WhatsApp to FM WhatsApp-(2024)

Both official WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp are used to communicate with people worldwide.  Due to the different functionalities of WhatsApp, most people prefer FM WhatsApp to simple WhatsApp. FM WhatsApp has customized features like download status, hide blue ticks, airplane mod, and many more.

Due to limited options in simple WhatsApp, people migrate WhatsApp to FM WhatsApp’s latest versions. FM WhatsApp is the most prominent modified version of simple WhatsApp. This article will discuss simple migrating methods from standard WhatsApp to FM WhatsApp. Remember, Your data will be recovered when you migrate your WhatsApp to FM WhatsApp.

Migrate from WhatsApp to FM WhatsApp

Recommended Methods to Migrate From WhatsApp to FM WhatsApp

You won’t face any trouble when you transfer the simple WhatsApp to FM WhatsApp. If you are sensible about your data, follow these helpful steps.

Make a Backup from the Standard WhatsApp

The first step to back up your data in the standard WhatsApp is to migrate from WhatsApp to FM WhatsApp APK. It will ensure the security of your data.

  • Click more options > Settings > Chats
  • Click Chat Backup > Back up to your Google Account
  • Select the Backup schedule
  • To Backup your data select the Google Account
  • Click Backup using cellular to choose the network you want to use for Backup
  • Difference Between FM WhatsApp and Simple WhatsApp
Make a Back Up

Uninstall Simple WhatsApp

Upon creating the Backup, from your device uninstall the simple WhatsApp if you don’t want to run the WhatsApp. You will be removed from the group spontaneously if you delete the account first before uninstalling the app you were part of. 

Uninstall the WhatsApp

Download and Install the FM WhatsApp

Download FM WhatsApp after removing the simple WhatsApp. Install the FM WhatsApp and then follow the next procedure. Find a trusted website where you can download the latest version of FM WhatsApp. Tab the download button for the most updated version of FM WhatsApp. Install FM WhatsApp’s latest version on your device, after completing the downloading.

Install FM WhatsApp

Verify your Phone Number and Restore the Data

An internet connection is required to open the app after installation. You will see two options i.e

  • Agree to and continue
  • Restore Backup

You just choose the Restore Backup options. To restore the Backup of your data into FM WhatsApp verify your mobile number. This is the detailed procedure to restore the data.

verify the number


I discuss all the steps to migrate simple WhatsApp to FM WhatsApp. You will easily migrate to WhatsApp after following the steps mentioned above. These steps are simple and easily understandable. If you do not follow these steps, you lose your data.

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